Kerry is just amazing! We interviewed three different stagers and Kerry clearly stood out.
She is worth every penny!”
– Janice


Living in a home for sale isn’t easy.

Occupying a staged home is a challenging living situation. Keeping a clutter free spotless home can be challenging at best. In the process of de-cluttering some items that you regularly use may be moved or removed all together. We work closely with you in designing a beautiful staged home that you can still comfortably live in.

How do I know what to remove? We will suggest what to remove to optimize the feel and flow of your home. We can have our movers move the items either to your garage or to a storage unit. Keep in mind, more is less. We are selling space. Creating space, light and flow to a home is one of our main staging objectives.

Start staging your home as soon as you decide to sell. There is more to staging than bringing in some furnishings. We start with a consultation with you and your Realtor, if you have one. Determining if there is deferred maintenance and/or minor renovations that would enhance your sell is our first consideration. We then define the scope of the project, establish a budget and schedule a time line.

Our next step is to determine how to best showcase your home’s architectural features, focal points and floor plan. We will determine which of your existing furnishings can be utilized and what items from our designer stock will complete your unique “model home” look.

Most home buyers make a decision to buy within the first 6-8 minutes of viewing a property. With that in mind, we will show you economical home improvements that will capture a buyer’s attention. This can include new lighting, flooring, paint colors, kitchen and bath upgrades and improving curb appeal. When making home staging and interior design suggestions, we always keep in mind what would be appropriate for your price range and location.

Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be! Call us, we are ready to help!