Our creative designs can overcome any obstacle. The living room example in the slideshow illustrates how we overcame the obstacle of an ill-placed doorway that blocked furniture placement. By constructing a faux wall out of common construction materials we were able to place furniture in front of the doorway. All furniture and art was custom designed and built to meet our client’s specifications.

Creative design problem solving is our specialty. In another example we wanted to hang draperies from a glass wall where anchoring a drapery rod was impossible. By creating a custom free-standing vertical drapery holder we were able to hang the draperies with only one small attachment to the wall.

Reuse, repurpose and salvage architectural items. We love architectural salvage and use it as often as possible. Most renovation projects can reuse items such as mantles, French doors, cabinets, lighting and even old stair posts. Not only do these items enhance design concepts but are budget friendly as well. All it takes is a little creativity.

Custom art delivers unique decorative options and is green friendly. We combine found art objects and ceramic ware to create custom kitchen décor. Sometimes our clients have sentimental items that they no longer use and have stored away. With a little creativity we can rework these items into a custom design that they are proud to display.

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Kerry has a wonderful sense of light and color, and how they work together to create a warm/pleasing effect. She makes you feel in charge of the project if you want to, i.e. she works with your ideas/vision for a room, empowering you to be the “creative director”, and then making the high level ideas come alive by working on the details. All in all, I am very happy with her services and her punctuality. I would highly recommend her. “
– Sundar