My agent keeps telling me to ‘de-clutter’ but I have kids! Why is this SO important? Don’t potential buyers know I have life?

Almost everyone lives in some degree of clutter. However, when you are selling your home you want potential buyers to see your home, not be distracted by all of your personal items. You want them to be able to envision themselves living in this space, which is why it is recommended to de-clutter and neutralize the decor. Do you want buyers to see your beautiful kitchen with its granite countertops, stainless steel appliances or do you want them looking at the mirage of family photos on the refrigerator or the rooster collection that blankets all available shelves?

You can maximize the look of a space by having fewer items in that space. It’s really that simple. Nothing says ‘this home isn’t big enough’ than over- filled closets and storage areas. It tells the buyers that there isn’t enough storage. You should always be able to see the backs and sides of any storage space, cabinet or closet.

It’s not easy to live in a house while it’s on the market. I advise my clients to consider de-cluttering as the initial move. Pack up most of what you have and move it into storage. I tell them to think of it as if they were packing for a long trip. Anything that they won’t need in the next few weeks should be packed up and placed in storage. That includes everything from clothing and linens to kitchen items. It really breaks up the burden of moving into two manageable parts. The final move into a new home is already half done. Just pack up everything else and your move is complete.