Enhancing Your Home With Color

Hire a color consultant!! I can’t begin to emphasize the importance of hiring a qualified stager to assist with the color choices in your home, especially if you’re going to sell. 65% of potential buyers will remember a house by it’s color and color is one of the most influential aspects of your moods!

A color should enhance the home’s existing finishes and create a warm inviting space. There are a load of books written on the topic of color psychology. In less you have a lot of experience in color I would not recommend selecting one from a small 1×2 inch swatch. Color changes from one side of a wall to another, depending on how the light is hitting it. Some colors create energy while others instill calm and rest. And let’s not even talk about how many “whites” there are out there. It is amazing the color choices we now have.

Also, it’s important not to go the ‘easier’ route and paint the walls white or ‘Realtor Beige’. Neutral colors do not have to be boring colors! You can warm up a room with beautiful colors that bring out the best in your home without being either boring or outlandish.

Some of my best staging results are when I have had control of the color both in the house as well as in the staging materials. That is when the whole home seems to glow from within. There is definitely a “Wow” moment when you first enter the house. All the color is balanced and flows from one room into another. All for just the small investment of hiring a color professional.

 Home Staging Color Before  Home Staging After Color

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