What can you do to overcome the resistance to staging?

I don’t think there are many people who are not experiencing the side effects of a downturn in the economy. This is particularly applicable to the real estate industry. The resistance I encounter is economically based. Homeowners are having a difficult time grasping the volatility of the market. What their home was worth just a few months ago is now irrelevant. Evaluating how much to spend on the marketing of their biggest investment is often overwhelming.

Let’s face it, it’s not cheap to properly prepare a home for sale, and it’s even more of a problem when there’s deferred maintenance to address! Even the basic preparation involves carpet cleaning, painting, power washing, garden sprucing, window washing, garage cleaning, a BFI run (or two), a storage unit rental and that’s before we even address the showcasing and virtual tour! Add on dry rot repair, foundation work, termite inspection and repair, home inspections and most homeowners are overwhelmed.

I understand the vastness of the project. Starting with a simple, yet comprehensive, workup of the property I outline the scope of the project. Breaking down that workup into small segments tames the overwhelming project into a organized project that homeowners can feel comfortable about.

Establishing a budget and offering some economic solutions is an important aspect of any staging job. Recently I have added two services to my staging business. The first is a $1000.00 Basic Stage which is popular for the smaller home or condo. The second is virtual staging. In virtual staging furniture is virtually placed into the virtual tour photographs. Although this does not replace traditional staging it is a solution for the extreme budget or remote location which renders staging too cost prohibitive.

We know that the economy keeps money on the top of homeowners minds and we have tried to adjust our business to fit our clients and allow them to still have the quality staging they need to sell their homes for more, while not making it too expensive for them to afford.