Home staging and decorating differ on one common front: function.

A home staging professional views your home in the same light that a prospective buyer would. They have an in-indepth understanding of what distracts from a listing and what enhances a listing and will create a feel and flow in the home that attracts buyers and distracts from potential negatives of the rooms. Simply put, staging is the visual presentation of the home.

It is not decorating because home staging professionals do not decorate a room with the homeowners preferences in mind, or to make the room functional to live in. They are not concerned with function but to appeal to the target demographics for the particular home.

For example, next time you’re in a model home take a closer look at the window coverings. They make the room they are in look great, but often they are not functional. They don’t open and close, and there are sometimes faux panels flanking a window to represent a beautiful idea, but no actual use. This is staging.

Included in staging are also de-cluttering the home, painting walls, new flooring, garden and patio updating, bathroom or kitchen remodels, new lighting, deferred maintenance, power washing and curb appeal.

All of this helps your home stand out among the other listings and drives foot traffic to your listing.

Having been in the home staging market for many years I can personally attest and give examples of how staging a listing can increase market value and return on investment.