What is involved with the cost of home staging?

When we work up an estimate we take several things in consideration.

1. The design time needed to work up a complete design layout – after taking a look at your home and figuring out the target market, we sit down and design an overall plan to stage your home.

2. The furniture rental – We rent from a few local and two national vendors as well as carry our own inventory. This assures we can fit any style or period we need to.

3. How many accessories, rugs, mirrors, plants and linens will be needed. – Small touches make the staging complete. These things also help prospective buyers envision the home in use, rather than have to imagine it because of sparse and unfinished furnishings.

4. The delivery and pickup charges – Furniture is heavy. But, we have our people who take care of moving it all around, and once the home is sold they come in and pick it all up. Clients don’t have to move a thing.

5. The distance – Not everyone lives right around the corner, and heavy furniture and travel time cost man power and gas!

6. The time frame desired – How quickly are you trying to sell your home? How fast does your listing hit the market? These and other factors play into the cost of staging your home.

Having been in the home staging market for many years I can personally attest and give examples of how staging a listing can increase market value and return on investment.