San Mateo Home Staging – The Good News, Bad News

My favorite San Mateo home staging success story encompasses the “there’s good news and bad news” scenario. It started when I received a San Mateo home staging job for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom owner occupied home that was packed to the gills with furniture. It even had a large office armoire in the breakfast nook! A plan of attack had to be created to make this home less cluttered and more easy on the eye.

We decided to move about 80% of the owners furniture into storage which would allow me to bring in smaller pieces to set the home stage look. The owner, understandably, was overwhelmed with the idea of moving so much furniture to storage, but I was prepared for that. I told her to go to work and I’d take care of everything.

I had my professional movers come in and move the furniture to storage and by the time she was home from work the entire house had been transformed! The owner was delighted that she hadn’t had to lift a finger to move the furniture and the Realtor was pleased the San Mateo staged home was ready for the market.

I thought everything was fine until I received a call from the Realtor a week later. It ends up the owner liked the new feel of the home so much she decided to pull her house off the market and keep the newly transformed home!

Definitely a home staging success story for me, and the Realtor was a good sport about it as well. He still uses me for all of his San Mateo home stagings.

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Home staging before  Home staging after