In the current market, staging can make the difference!

It’s never been more important. The reality is that it’s a tough market out there and with short sales and foreclosures flooding the market housing prices have fallen. Staying ahead of your competition means a move-in ready home, having high quality and quantity of photographs for your internet marketing along with a competitive price.

With 93% of potential buyers previewing your home on the internet first it’s critical your home have a strong virtual tour. It is really the first impression you can make to a potential buyer. Hiring an experienced stager who can stylize your home to enhance its photographic appeal is important. When designing a room layout I always consider how the room will be photographed so that I can enhance its photographic impact.

View a variety of virtual tours and it won’t take you long to be able to discern the professionally staged homes. The answer becomes obvious. Potential sellers need to do their homework and view their competition’s virtual tours. Their goal should be to outshine and provide more value to a potential buyer than their competition does.