Home Staging: Selling your home with a potential buyer in mind.

The best answer to this question is to look at some virtual tour pictures on the internet. You can quickly pick out homes that are staged and the homes that are not.

When someone clicks on your virtual tour you have, on average, exactly 2 seconds to wow them with the first picture before they click onto another listing! Vacant rooms do not show well, as they not only look barren and cold but it is difficult to see the scale of a room without anything in it.

65% of buyers remember a home from it’s color alone! At Décor Staging we think color is extremely important in setting a home apart from it’s competition and making it memorable. Although as a general rule keeping colors to neutrals that will appeal to the broadest market is good, it does not mean it needs to be “Realtor beige”.

Neutral colors can be blue, green, gold, taupe even purple! A big component of our staging design centers around the flow of a home. We often see floor plans that present difficulties in furniture placement, television viewing and traffic flow. All of these problems need to be addressed and answered in the staging of a home.

In fact, the more problems a home has with it’s flow the more in need of staging it is. Staging can deflect attention away from problems and it can accentuate the positive aspects of the home. Staging never covers up a problem such as a bad floor or faulty construction because disclosure laws protect potential buyers from these types of things. However, staging can down play these types of problems, while they still remain viewable.

In today’s market everyone is looking for a place in a home for comfortable T.V. viewing and a home office. We try to answer both of these desires in every home.

Having been in the home staging market for many years I can personally attest and give examples of how staging a listing can increase market value and return on investment. Contact me at kerry@decorstaging.com or 650-619-9052 and I can share more information with you!

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