Introducing the “Decor Basic Stage”

$1000.00 Home Staging – the Biggest Bang for your Buck

Who doesn’t enjoy a great find? There is just something about getting your money’s worth on a purchase that transcends the experience to a new level. My father taught me this: “Don’t ever pay retail.”  I was thinking about this and how my company Decor Staging could bring this to the home staging market. With this in mind we developed the Basic Home Stage for our growing clientele for only $1000.00*. It’s not only a great “bang for the buck” but helps so many homeowners with home staging in this economic crunch.

home staging living room budget staginghome staging

The Basic Home Stage is perfect for smaller homes or condominiums. It includes a living room, dining room, kitchen and bath.  Have a larger home or want more rooms staged? No problem. We can provide add-ons to accommodate any home staging. The Basic Home Stage is just that..basic. A great bang for the buck without breaking the bank.

home staging   home staging

Full service home stagings, home renovation design services and home redesign also available.

*does not include subsequent monthly rental.