Home Staging color challenge Millbrae CA

After five years in the home staging business I can tell you that almost every house presents itself with a unique design challenge. It might be a difficult floor plan, an outdated appearance or a color challenge that leaves me particularly perplexed. My job, after all, is to accentuate the best of a home’s features and downplay its worst. With 92% of buyers previewing homes on the internet, having a beautifully staged home for a virtual tour is essential in a home marketing plan.

Now, in many cases of home staging I can paint beautiful colors on the walls, update kitchens and bath or replace old flooring, as seen in some of my other projects. However, in some cases, such as the one on 809 Pinon Ave Millbrae I am left to design around an existing color challenge.Home Staging color challenge living room before pictures of dark salmon walls

Color challenges of a home might be a rustic brick fireplace surround in an otherwise contemporary space. The dark red brick color against creamy neutral walls with white crown moldings appear in sharp contrast to one another and draw the eye toward the stronger color.  Or, a color challenge might be a strong accent wall color that cannot be painted over for a variety of reasons.

As you will see in the before and after pictures of the 809 Pinon Ave house one wall in the living room as well as the entry were painted a strong salmon color. At the opposite end of the room is Home Staging color challenge living room after pictures of dark salmon wallsa sunroom, which was painted a soft, green. My color challenge in this home staging was to incorporate both of these colors into one harmonious design. I want to downplay the stark contrast between the dark salmon and the white wall by placing either color on the contrasting wall. The secret to the success of the design was color balancing the space with a rug that incorporated all of the colors as well as the black of the fireplace surround. A lighter colored rug would have left the space “floating” and off kilter. This darker rug draws the eye away from the wall and into the seating area.

An additional color challenge was in the dining room with the terra cotta tile floor. The color balance was achieved with the art and floral arrangement complimenting all three colors.Home Staging color challenge of dining room in green color

Sometimes in my home staging I need to purchase a specific design element to successfully complete my project. In this home staging color challenge I purchased the art and rug, both of which had the salmon color as well as the green tones.

Color increases the memory of a property by 60%. People viewing this property will remember it by it’s living room color. Professionally home staging this property helped neutralize a strong accent color by blending the color around the room. It also created more appealing photographs for a virtual tour.

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Kerry Roth