The ultimate home staging dilemma. How do I design around the marijuana plants growing off the back patio? I’m talking 8 feet high at least! Not just one plant but several. And that’s not even mentioning the ones hanging upside down from the garage rafters.

Hey, they’re legal. I’m not passing judgment. Medicinal usage has helped a friend of mine. I totally get it. But…I’m not sure how this is going to affect my home staging plans yet alone the marketing and selling of this property. Owners are adamant that they are not harvesting until the full moon. Really? So, we checked the calendar and it’s a no go. The house goes onto the market before the next full moon.

Once Marijuana is legalized, home staging and marketing a house will become just a little bit tricker. You can’t exactly hide it. If you don’t see it you certainly will smell it.

I have polled some real estate professionals and it’s been unanimous that the owners need to harvest before placing their home on the market. Concerns were about disclosure, theft, negative perception to potential buyers and liability. Even with a harvest, it’s still drying in the garage.

So, what would you do? How would you advise the owners? Gives some food for thought about how one would handle this in the future, doesn’t it?

                                                                                                                       marijuana plant