What about the outside of my home?

Some staging professionals do and some do not. At Décor Staging we view your property from the front curb to the back fence. Curb appeal is critical. Not only in the virtual tour pictures but by all the people driving by.

Let’s face it, we all look at the front of a home and form an instant opinion. Why would you stage the inside and ignore the outside? I’m not talking about putting down a few colorful annuals here, I’m talking about the condition and color of the front door, the exterior light, the mailbox, the doorbell, the door mat and the paint.

With our beautiful climate outdoor living is a big sell. Does it have comfortable seating in good condition? Are there bright colors, a barbeque, a firepit? Is the concrete or wood decking in good shape? If we lived in Minnesota I wouldn’t worry so much about the outside living spaces, however, here in California it’s what we are known for. It’s in our outdoor spirit. Creating dynamic outdoor spaces sell homes.