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What is the difference between home staging and a decorator?   Staging and decorating differ in one way: function.

Why do I need to de-clutter?  My agent keeps telling me to ‘de-clutter’ but I have kids! Why is this SO important?

What resistance have you had from sellers/agents on staging a home?  How to overcome the resistance to staging?

What all is considered in the cost of home staging?  What is involved with the cost of home staging?

In a market like the current one, how important is it for sellers to consider staging?   Staging can make the difference!

If you come in and stage my home, where do you get the furniture?  Is furniture part of my cost?

How does home staging work?  Why is it worth the money?

Do staging professionals help with the outdoor spaces?  The importance of curb appeal.

Home Staging around Marijuana Plants The ultimate home staging dilemma.

How to Calculate the Cost of Keeping  Your Home on the Market A simple calculation

How Important is the Flow and Look of My Home?Selling your home with a potential buyer in mind.

The Good News – Bad News of a Staging Success What happened after the owner returned home.

What Should I Consider Before Painting? Enhancing your home with color.

Home Staging – The Biggest Bang for your Buck:  Introducing the “Decor Basic Stage”

Home Staging Color Challenge:   Do you paint over or design around a strong color?